ARLINGTON (CBS 11 NEWS) – It took two hours for a company to report an emergency to officials, and Arlington’s mayor is not happy.

Mayor Robert Cluck says he’s going to express his deep concern and anger during a meeting this week to two representatives from Vantage Energy.

Over the weekend, an emergency at one of Vantage Energy’s gas wells led to the evacuation of 100 homes for a 24-hour period.

The Arlington Fire Department says thousands of gallons of frack water flowed out of the gas well at its Lake Arlington Baptist Church site on Little Road. All of the water spilled into two creeks.

Mayor Cluck wants to know why it took Vantage Energy so long to report the emergency.

Vantage Energy apologized to affected residents in a statement.

Mayor Cluck says he expects the city to issue fines against the company for not calling 911 immediately.

Mayor Cluck says the company has already given the city its credit card to pay for all city expenses related to the evacuation.