ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Killed by a hit-and-run driver who is still on the run, the death of a 20-year-old Arlington woman is now being used as part of a political campaign in support of red light cameras.

Kelly Walters was killed in January. No arrests have been made surrounding the driver of the car who crashed into Walters.

“Time passes and you get a little better day by day,” said Ginna Walters, her mother.

But now Ginna is having a set-back in her healing process.

“It’s quite untasteful. Politics is nasty business. But why do we need to be nasty about the death of a young woman?” said Ginna Walters.

She is referring to a story listed on a sheet of talking points. They were handed out to a group of pain campaigners who were instructed to use the story to get voters to support keeping red light cameras in Arlington.

“That’s absolutely the details of the accident that killed my daughter. Absolutely,” said Ginna Walters.

While the talking points do not use Kelly Walter’s name, the facts surrounding the incident are identical. Ginna said she feels it is insensitive with the death of her daughter still so raw and unsolved.

“I didn’t enjoy hearing about it from you. But I certainly am glad that I didn’t hear about it from somebody shoving this into my face and starting the talking points,” said Ginna Walters.

The group Save Lives, Save the Cameras released a statement writing in part:
“Kelly Walters is a victim just like the hundreds of others who have been killed and thousands more injured across the state of Texas in red light running related collisions,” wrote Jody Weiderman.

Ginna Walters said no one ever consulted her about using the incident.
“I would have told them it’s inappropriate to do and that they don’t have permission,” said Ginna Walters.

What is even more disturbing according to Ginna is that she said her daughter actually signed the petition against red light cameras.

“It is of course possible they would have taken a photo of the license plate and perhaps that would have caused them to find the person. And that wouldn’t bring my daughter back, would it?” said Ginna Walters.

A political consultant working on the campaign said he contacted Kelly Walters’ stepfather about using the incident. The stepfather of Walters said he remembers getting some sort of call but does not remember telling anyone to use her death.