By Brian New

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FORT WORTH(CBS11) – Do you have a tough time remembering people’s names or have you ever forgotten where you left your keys?

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While it happens to many of us, it rarely happens to Ron White of Fort Worth.

White is the two-time USA Memory Champion and held the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards.

“Everybody believes it’s a gift,” said White, “but it’s really a system.”

White said improving your memory can be learned if you know how.

With his help here our top five ways to improve your memory.

1. Name Association: When White travels the country giving speeches to corporations, he will often amaze an audience by reciting more than 200 names of people he just met minutes earlier.
White said the way he does this is when he meets someone, he looks for a distinguishing feature (big nose, beard, etc). This will be where he stores the data.

Then he thinks of a picture that will help him remember the name, such as Steve = stove, Lisa = Mona Lisa, and Monica = harmonica.

He then visualizes the picture on their distinctive facial feature. For example, if Lisa has pretty eyes, he would picture the Mona Lisa in Lisa’s eyes.

“So you are picking a location that you are going back to get that name,” White explained.

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2. Focus: Research shows multi-tasking inhibits memory. Studies show the key to converting information from short term to long term memory is concentrating on one piece of information for at least eight seconds.

3. Nutrition: Studies show eating spinach and berries can help improve your memory by helping to remove some of the build-up of toxins on the brain.

Even more important is water. Dehydration impairs your short term memory and your long term recall.

4. Unfamiliar fonts: To improve memory recall when reading an article, try changing the font. Styles that are unfamiliar, even a little hard to read, studies show make your brain work harder and thus increase retention.

5. Memory Palace: This memory technique, also known as a Roman Room, dates back centuries. It can be used by students trying to memorize information for a test or if you’re trying to memories a speech or presentation.

The way it works is take your list or key points in your speech and turn them into images. Then place those images on pieces of furniture in a room your house.

For example if you want to talk about profits in your speech, picture a pile of cash on your sofa. If you then want to talk about time management, picture a clock on your coffee table.

Then when you need to recall the information you visually go back to the room.

White, who is a Navy veteran, has used this method to memorize the names and rank of the more than 2,200 soldiers killed in the war in Afghanistan.

“Initially you are going to be trying to memorize pieces of furniture and you’re brain is going to be going crazy,” said White. “But if you can get past that first week of miserable numbering furniture, than you will be able to accomplish things with your mind that you didn’t think were possible.”

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