By Russ McCaskey

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TERRELL (CBSDFW.COM) – The beaver sign will get your attention. So will the size of the store. Buc-ee’s is big — Texas big. Here are the five things that you need to know about Buc-ee’s that have elevated this convenience store to almost rock star status.


First, with 84 gas pumps at the Terrell store, you should not have to wait in line.


Secondly, you can expect Texas hospitality.


The bathrooms. Some say they are world famous. In fact, the Buc-ee’s sign says so. The 73 stalls are cleaned round-the-clock.

“The bathrooms are awesome. They are always clean,” said customer Sandy Whitt.

“It’s cleaner than home,” added customer Scott Babb.



Buc-ee’s is a convenience store, but it is roughly the size of a Walmart Neighborhood Market. It has everything under the sun. You’ll find food, drinks, clothing, decorations, even a candy wall. But — a warning — this place is addictive.

“They go in and grab their Snickers bar and end up spending $300, because they are happy. They are happy to be here and it’s a great environment,” said Josh Smith, general manager of the Buc-ee’s store in Terrell. “Once they are in, they are in.”

Customers agree.

“They have to grab this. My daughters have Buc-ee’s pajamas and shorts. It’s almost like a cult following,” said customer Art Kitcher.

“Yes, I have a purse from here. Yeti. A lot of Yeti stuff from here. House decorations and the food,” said Whitt.


Finally, the beaver. It’s a nickname for one the owners, and the beaver is on just about everything here.

You put all of these things together and it makes Buc-ee’s, perhaps, the greatest convenience store ever.