DR. PHIL (CBSDFW.COM) —  Secret audio recordings of former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle will air for the first time on Dr. Phil Thursday.

The secret recordings capture Fogle talking about his attraction to young boys and girls.

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Former journalist Rochelle Herman-Walrond secretly recorded Fogle for years, working with the FBI as the investigation unfolded.

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When she asked him what age he preferred when preying on children, he responded, “I like all ages. That’s the thing I mean. I like all of them. You know?”

When she pressed him, asking him what was the difference between one age and another, he said, “It depends, which – who is ready for what. You know, who is going to give you the glance, you know what I mean.”

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Hear the recordings and more of Herman-Walrond’s story on Dr. Phil, which airs on CBS 11 at 3 pm and is immediately followed by CBS 11 News at 4.