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GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) – Passengers on board a Los Angeles flight are making strong claims Tuesday after a group of people had to be removed from a Spirit Airlines plane. The flight was heading to DFW, and travelers were still talking about the incident when the plane landed.

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A group of African American passengers said that they were singled out and kicked off of the flight because of their skin color.

“I’m really humiliated,” booted traveler Alexandria Wright told CBS Los Angeles. “You hear about this type of stuff happening in America, discrimination issues and stuff like that, but to actually experience it firsthand.”

Cell phone video captured one of the passengers being escorted off of the plane by police. A witness claimed that the man was asked to leave after a flight attendant accused him of being a threat. The incident started when there was some confusion over a seat, which the man and another passenger claimed was double booked.

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According to police in Los Angeles, the airline first tried to move one of the passengers, but that man then started arguing. “It was more than just us having the conversation,” Wright said, maintaining that racism was a factor in this incident.

A statement from Spirit Airlines said, “Four passengers became unruly and were causing trouble with other passengers. Flight crew asked them to stop. When they did not, law enforcement was called and they were removed from the flight.”

David Morales was also on the plane. After landing in DFW, he explained, “We saw him get upset — no loud noise or language or no yelling or anything. I guess it was some kind of disgruntle with him and the airport over at LAX, and they just asked him to step off the plane. And I guess other people had to get off the plane too.”

No arrests were made, and no charges were filed.

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Fellow passenger Willie French did not think that it was a race issue. “I think it was handled right, because the pilot got a little nervous,” the man added after landing. “For the safety of all the passengers, it was best that he catch the next flight — give him a chance to calm down.”