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DALLAS (CBS11) – It’s a problem you may have never thought about until now: A leaking chimney.

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And roofing companies say many of you are calling them to fix the problem.

Chris Crutcher, owner of Outback Roofing says, “Normally, expect to maybe get five to ten calls a week. We’re finding 150 to 200 a day.”

Crutcher says after a prolonged drought, then this year’s record-breaking rains, have caused problems with home foundations and eventually the leaks in the chimneys.

“The floods have caused all the shifting, there’s no doubt in our minds,” says Crutcher. “We’ve never seen this. I’ve talked to other roofing contractors through our association, The Roofing Contractors Association of Texas, and they’re telling us the same thing.”

Pam Meyercord recently noticed cracks in the walls around her chimney. “I realized it when my closet, which is behind this wall, I was getting some clothes out and they were wet.”

In years past, Crutcher says he would re-seal the chimneys to keep the water out, but he says because of the problems, he’s installing additional flashing to do the job.”

Regarding Meyercord’s house, Crutcher says “Here we’re going to have to retrofit it.”

Most of the time, he says chimneys develop leaks after ice storms damage the flashing, opening holes for the water.

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But not this year.

As for Meyercord, she just wanted her chimney fixed.

“It’s just one of those trickle down problems, literally I guess,” says Meyercord.

Crutcher says if you have an older house, and you see cracks starting to form in your house around your chimney, you should have it inspected before you get a leak.

Crutcher says replacing the flashing on chimneys, can cost from $1,500 to $2,500, depending on your home.

To re-seal a chimney can cost up to $500.

But a severe leak could cost tens of thousands of dollars, so Crutcher suggests homeowners have their chimneys inspected if they see cracks.

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