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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) – A CBS11 investigation caught wrong way drivers, the sounds of screeching brakes and car horns and drivers rolling through red stoplights – all on camera.

Numerous drivers have deemed the intersection of Tennyson and Dallas North Parkway as one of the most confusing and dangerous in Plano.

“It was kind of torturous to know how to get here and I’m not sure if I’m in the right place right now. Are you supposed to go through it or not? I have no idea,” said motorist Sarah McCall.

The city’s traffic engineer told CBS11 he’s looking into it, but it’s clear from the video that construction on the tollway overpass has pushed the left turn lane a lot farther right. Thus, a number of drivers who turn left feel like they are approaching a red light and stop when they should just drive through it, according to a construction worker at the site.

McCall found herself stuck in the middle of the intersection waiting for the red light in front of her to turn green. But others confidently drove through the red light.

But drivers who stop at the light risk getting rear ended or at least honked at.

“It takes forever and I wish they knew how to drive,” one motorist complained. The intersection had Uber driver Lester Jerome so rattled he ended up driving the wrong way into oncoming traffic.

“My passenger here told me he didn’t think that light was for me. I thought it was,” said Jerome. “I was sitting at the red but noticed the cars piling up behind me
weren’t too happy so I assumed that I could go.”

The City of Plano said it hasn’t received any complaints about the intersection.

Police said there have been 12 accidents in the vicinity so far this year.

But the holidays can create a test of nerves and patience on the road, something the intersection already is.

“At some point I’m hoping it’s not nearly as confusing as it is right now,” said Jerome. “If there was some signage up there to tell you what to do that
would be helpful.”

Construction crews and drivers said two changes could make the intersection a lot safer. One is moving the stoplight closer to the left turn lane so drivers don’t see it when they pass under it. The other is putting up signs alerting them that they don’t have to stop.

The other would be putting up signs alerting drivers that they don’t have to stop.

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