Dr. Mark Stallo is a Lieutenant with the Dallas Police Department. He is a life-long learner having graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with multiple degrees. He also teaches at Florida Institute of Technology and Walden University. Stallo shares his insight on education.

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Mark Stallo)

(Photo Courtesy of Dr. Mark Stallo)

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Why did you pursue your chosen degrees? 

“I wanted to understand more about public affairs. Public affairs touch all areas of government. My chosen career has been to work for the Dallas Police Department, where I am in my 37th year and serve as a lieutenant of police. My role is to liaison between the University of North Texas at Dallas, The Caruth Police Institute and the Dallas Police Department. The insight I gained from this degree has helped me to better understand grant applications, the value of research and how to effectively guide a discussion so that students truly learn. In addition, I was teaching for an online school who promised me more opportunities if I earned this degree. I have been well rewarded since graduation.”

What would you tell others who are considering pursuing a higher degree? 

“Choose a degree with a purpose. Make sure that when you have earned your degree that you are able to apply it to your chosen career. I have seen students complete a degree having no idea how to use it to pursue income or happiness. Simply thinking ahead can help one to make the best of their degree.”

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What was the biggest challenge you faced while pursuing your degrees?

“Working full time, raising a family and keeping up with school was a true challenge. I had attended the University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) for many years. This balance will be one of the biggest challenges faced by anyone choosing to go back to school. I earned my first master’s in business in 1985. In 1995, I earned the Master of Public Affairs, and in 2008, the Doctor of Philosophy in public affairs. Throughout the years, I remained focused on all components of my life. Another major challenge was to have no educational debt when I graduated. My family made it a priority to pay the tuition as I registered.”

What was the biggest reward for earning your degrees? 

“I had taught both online and face-to-face classes prior to earning my degree, and I thought that achieving the Ph.D. would help me to continue teaching. However, I had no idea that I would be given so many opportunities. Earning the degree has been rewarding both financially as well as personally. Today, I am able to teach leadership to co-workers, and this is quite rewarding.”

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