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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Cowboys fans will never forget when San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens ran to midfield to celebrate a touchdown reception on the Cowboys star at Texas Stadium in September 2000.

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“I did it. It happened,” Owens said about the celebration in a 2008 interview with CBS 11 Sports. “I did not think it would be that big of a deal.”

Owens could not have been more incorrect. It was a VERY big deal.

When Owens tried to take his celebration to midfield again following a second touchdown reception, Cowboys safety George Teague had a different plan. Teague chased down Owens and knocked the receiver off of the star when he started his second celebration.

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Owens and Teague had exchanged words throughout the game, and emotions took over when Teague watched Owens try to celebrate at midfield for the second time at Texas Stadium. “Anger,” stated Teague about what he was feeling at the time. “I think I was so pissed off that needed to make a stand.”

Teague took a stand and defended the star, but he was ejected from the game for the midfield retaliation. The ejection came at a price — an expensive $25,000 fine.

“A lot of trash talking during that game. A lot of stuff going on during that game,” Teague recalled. “Basically, I got angry. Enough was enough.”

But, 16 years later, Teague has a simple response if he would do it again: “Absolutely.”

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Teague defending the star stands as the 19th greatest moment in Cowboys history.