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KELLER (CBS11) – A 6th grade Keller student’s drama class assignment has gone viral.

Tasked with writing and performing a monologue, 12-year-old Mekenna Buce, spoke from the heart.

“You don’t know who I am. Your observations are limited,” she candidly facing a cellphone camera.

Her mother Christina offered to record while she prepared, as a way to help her get the butterflies out before performing in front of the class.

“She was going to perform and she was nervous. I said ‘well let me record you. You’ll feel a little bit of nerves and you’ll do better.”

When her mom hit record, Mekenna spoke from the heart.

“If our playwright created us to play the same scene in life, that would be so boring!,” Mekenna’s monologue continued.

“She actually said ‘you’re not going to put this on Facebook are you?,” Mrs. Buce joked.

But after hearing her daughter’s message she couldn’t resist.

“Then I was a proud parent. I’m going to share this with my family!,” she said.

In her monologue, Mekenna explains “I was born with Achondroplasia, which makes my bones small.”

She says she was motivated to share the message with her classmates, hoping they would see she’s no different than other kids.

“I have likes, I have emotions. I don’t like to be picked on. You probably don’t like to picked on,” Mekenna says.”

Her perspective and honesty has resonated with other little people. It is a message of kindness and compassion that resonates with everyone.

Mrs. Buce’s original Facebook post has been viewed nearly 67,000 times.

She has printed out hundreds of positive comments left by people around the world. They fill 16 pages.

“I can’t wait to show this to my own child who is a little person. I need her to see she is going to be amazing too, just like you,” one comment read.

“I had no doubt from the moment she was born. She’s an awesome individual,” Buce says.

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