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HUNT COUNTY (CBS11) – Hunt County Commissioners Court candidate Larry Middlebrooks is recovering after a dog attacked him while he was handing out campaign fliers door-to-door.

The Hunt Councy Sheriff’s Department says the dog that bit Middlebrooks is in quarantine, but when CBS11 first got to the home where the attack happened, another dog greeted us about halfway between the street and the home. The family tells CBS11 their dogs wear collars that keep them from going past that point. The problem was when Middlebrooks got right next to the home.

Canvassing door-to-door is a fundamental part of campaigning for office. But these days veteran politician Larry Middlebrooks has trouble making it to his own front door.

“I guess the first thing I felt was one of them come up behind me and bit my head like that,” Middlebrooks said.

Doctors released Middlebrooks from the hospital two days after the attack.

“I could hear him tearing this up here and so I thought well this is my end right here,” Middlebrooks said.

Linda Middlebrooks was in the couple’s truck when she saw her husband on the ground, and she ran to help him.

“I was just screaming, and I didn’t know what to do, and I just started slinging my arms around and screaming and screaming and screaming, and I got the white one’s attention, and when I did, he turned and come after me,” Linda Middlebrooks said.

Shirley Kennedy is the homeowner’s mother. She and her daughter-in-law tried to help get the dog off Middlebrooks.

“There wasn’t any viciousness about it, but when the man fell down, the dog naturally is going to get him ’cause he didn’t want him in the yard. ‘Cause that’s his job,” Kennedy said.

Larry Middlebrooks insists he doesn’t blame the family for the attack, but he says this experience has prompted him to become an advocate for dog safety.

“People have to be responsible for their dogs, and like I said these people are. I have no problem with them. But if they hadn’t been out there, no telling what would have happened,” Larry Middlebrooks said.

The homeowner says he was actually dog-sitting the dog that attacked Middlebrooks for another family member. He says he doesn’t want to have to put down the dog, named Chance, and he hopes someone will be able to adopt Chance when he comes out of quarantine.

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