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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police are looking for the man who swiped two puppies from their kennels in the middle of the night. He used a crow bar to break into the pet store, jimmied the door open and stole the puppies in about two minutes. The puppy theft was caught on surveillance video though.

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The stolen English bulldogs, a male and a female, were snatched from their kennels at Petland in North Dallas early Saturday morning. Surveillance video shows the thief staring through the window, then returning with a crow bar. He grabs the puppies, but one wiggles out of his reach.

“You see in the video that he actually drops one of them on their face, and he tumbles in the video,” says Petland employee Shelby Pierce. “With the bulldogs, they can break their backs with a fall like that.”

He grabs the puppy by the arm and leaves. Pierce has a hunch why they were stolen – they retail at more than $6,000 each. She thinks the thief had a plan.

“We suspect that he was a customer who had come in previously,” she says. “He knew exactly where the bulldogs were.”

She’s concerned about the puppies’ health – especially the one who fell. And at just 9 weeks old, they hadn’t completed their vaccinations yet.

“That’s very dangerous, because they’re susceptible to parvo, distemper, any kind of those viruses that puppies can get,” Pierce says.

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“I think it’s really sad that someone would do that,” says customer Sophia Maiorka. “I just don’t really understand the mentality of wanting to steal a dog.”

The puppies do have microchips, and employees just want them returned.

“A lot of our staff cried when they found out. It’s heartbreaking to us, because we want to keep them safe, and when they’re not here that young, we can’t know,” says Pierce.

And to a person who would pluck puppies from their beds, she has this to say:

“You’re endangering this baby’s life… This is a baby, not even a toddler. Would you treat a child that way?”

The same Petland store also had a puppy stolen last summer. The store only sells purebred animals, a reason why store owners say thieves are targeting them.

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