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DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Food delivered to your door, in minutes, from just about any restaurant in town? There’s an app for that, in fact there are many.

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After working a five hour shift a few Sunday’s ago, high school senior Stephanie Kaplan was famished. So she turned to a quick, easy solution to fulfill her appetite.

“I looked online for delivery services,” she said.

Kaplan ordered a sandwich from a 24-hour delivery app that started offering service in Dallas last month called Postmates.

“The total for the food came up to $9.25,” said Kaplan. But the real total after service and delivery fees came to double that. “It had said $20 at the bottom.”

Then, Kaplan received a notice from her bank that she was charged $35.00.

“That’s a lot of money,” she said.

Stephanie’s father, Michael Kaplan, contacted Postmates and learned there was a hold on her card.

“It was still $29.75 of which over $20 of that was a delivery fee,” he said.

Stephanie had ordered during blitz pricing; similar to surge pricing for Uber.

The delivery fee is four times the normal price during peak ordering times.

According to the company website a feature creates a strong financial incentive for couriers to make themselves available when customers need them the most.

Blitz Pricing will send a notification when it’s activated during checkout. Customers will have the option to participate at a higher price or order later when demand has decreased.

The Kaplans were offered an additional $5 off by the company but they still aren’t totally satisfied.

“They don’t even give you a receipt for the whole charge when they deliver,” said Michael Kaplan.

The company is just one of dozens of delivery apps hoping to gain business.

The CBS11 Consumer Justice Unit decided to test several of them to find out, which one is the quickest, cheapest and easiest to use.

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♦ Postmates

Described as on-demand delivery service from every restaurant and store in your city, Postdates offers a wide variety of food options, all close by.

CBS11 ordered three chicken tacos from Velvet Taco for $11.85. They don’t show a  service fee of the delivery fee though until a payment is added. Then $1.07 is added, plus another $5 for a delivery fee for a total of $17.92.  The delivery was accepted with a time of arrival of 35 minutes after is was ordered.


The Postmates driver arrived 10 minutes early. CBS11 was charged a hold on their card of $22.

The final total was $18.98.

♦ Yelp Eat24

Yelp Eat24 is a take-out and delivery app run by the on-line review giant, Yelp. The service also had a lot of options but the delivery times were longer — 60 to 75 minutes. CBS11 chose Amico’s restaurant and asked for two orders of wings. The wings were $15.90 plus $1.31 for tax, a 20% tip for a total of $17.21. The estimated time of arrival was 40 minutes.

The driver was on time but the bag was wet from the rain and the food was hot. We were charged what we were quoted on the app.

♦ Favor

Favor describes itself as the easiest way to get anything diners want in their city delivered to their door in less than an hour.
CBS11 ordered a bison quinoa hash from Snap Kitchen for $8.40. The driver’s tip of $5 was automatically added customers can edit it, processing fee is $.42, delivery fee is $5 for a total of $18.91.


The food was delivered in about 13 minutes. The driver texted a free delivery code but it had to be used that day to receive $5 off.

Uber Eats

The other big name in the food delivery apps is Uber. According to the company, UberEATS delivers food customers want from the restaurants they love, faster than anyone else. UberEATS is available in Dallas through their Instant Delivery feature. Customers receive a choice of several different meals from a variety of restaurants from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Customers order the item and the driver closest to them, already equipped with the food, delivers it to them. CBS11 ordered a cobb salad for $11, plus tax and delivery fees for a total of $14.90.


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The service was the fastest — arriving in six minutes. It’s supposed to expand in March 2016.