By Brian New

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Can’t find your keys, forgot your password, or perhaps you’ve misplaced a bill in the pile of mail on your kitchen counter. Especially at times like these, many of us wish we could be a little more organized.

Here’s our top five ways to get organized.

1. Pre-sort your mail – Even before you bring your mail inside your home, sort out the obvious junk mail and throw it away.
Then once inside immediately sort your mail into a pre-sort box.
Lorraine Brock, owner of “Get Organized” a company that helps small businesses and families do just that, recommends your pre-sort box have folders for bills, taxes, and each member of your family.
“There’s an old saying ‘touch mail only one time.’ Well, that’s near impossible,” Brock said. “You are not going to get it from your mailbox, pay it, file it away in one moment of touching it. So you really need to have multiple steps.”

2. Use online meal planning sites – These sites not only provide pre-thought-out menus catered to your family’s tastes, but many can generate a shopping list based upon your preferred grocery store.
“It really will save you time,” Brock said. “You will only go to the store once a week and get what you want; instead of making two or three trips and costing you more time and money.”

3. Create an email action folder – Experts say the most efficient way to deal with your email is to set up your phone where with one swipe you can either discard an email and send it to an “action” folder.
You can do this throughout the day whenever you have a couple minutes, and then when you have more time you can deal with all your important emails in your “action” folder.
Experts say this is more efficient then constantly interrupting what you are doing to try and reply to every new email.

4. Have a “to go box” – This will help prevent you from ever having to drive all the way back home because you forgot something.
Brock said whatever needs to leave your home, such as mail, gifts, and returns; put it in a box.
The key, Brock said, is to put the box by the door you exit so you’ll see it before you walk out the door.

5. Have a password book – Using the same password for all of your accounts is not secure, yet it can be hard to remember a dozen different passwords. This is why experts recommend keeping all your passwords in a notebook that you keep by your computer. There are also password apps; such as Dashlane and Last Pass.

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