Texans Talk Succession On Heels Of Britain’s EU Rejection

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) — Talks of Texas secession have re-invigorated following Britons’ startling vote to leave the European Union.

Social media dubbed Britains efforts as #BREXIT, and it wasn’t long after their vote that #TEXIT started trending on social media.

Head of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller sent this tweet Friday:

People out and about in Fort Worth also had plenty to say.

Resident Tab Pigg said he would love to see #TEXIT happen.

“It would tickle me to death,” said Pigg. “It’s worth a shot I would be happy!”

Others CBS11 spoke to didn’t agree.

“I feel like it’s a little arrogant,” said Clavin Wiese, a tourist from Boston visiting Fort Worth. “What are you too good to be part of the rest of us?”

The reality is the Supreme Court ruled it is not possible but that didn’t stop people from offering their opinions on what has become an age-old debate in the Lone Star State.

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