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FRISCO (CBS11) – A Frisco woman is getting worldwide attention after her Facebook post about a stranger who insulted her body.

Brynne Huffman’s post has received thousands of reactions, comments and shares, and it’s touched a nerve about the issue of body-shaming.

It’s not as though Huffman hasn’t heard mean comments before. In fact other people have made her reluctant to dress the way she wants, but this day was different.

“I was feeling really comfortable. I hadn’t worn shorts yet this year, so I got in the car, I’m like, this is great. I’m not hot,” Huffman said.

While she waited in line at a store, a customer even complimented her hair. Another customer agreed but then turned that compliment around.

“She’s like, ‘your hair really is pretty,’ and then she did the kind of up and down and said, ‘you really should rethink your shorts though,'” Huffman said.

Huffman couldn’t believe the comment was coming from someone wearing a logo meant to promote tolerance.

“And I looked at her shirt, and it had the, ‘Coexist’ that’s made out of the religious symbols on the front, and I said, ‘you know, you should probably rethink your shirt,'” Huffman said.

Huffman didn’t know what to do with her anger, so her husband encouraged her to write about the experience on Facebook. The post soon had thousands of comments as people started sharing it everywhere.

“It’s definitely helping. She’s received messages from people who say, I haven’t worn shorts in 20 years, and after I read your message, I went out and bought a pair,” Huffman’s husband Andy Komonchak said.

“What society’s definition of what may flatter your figure and what makes you feel comfortable can be two very different things, and you need to go with choice B,” Huffman said, “Basically what I told people is, number one, get a pair of shorts. Number two, put them on. Number three, leave the house.”

In addition to speaking out about body image, Huffman has started a campaign encouraging women to dress the way they want. She’s promoting it with:


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