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OXNARD, California (105.3 THE FAN) – Day 3 for Shan, Roy & me (yes, that’s proper English, per Fish…) at the Dulce Vida Beach House, and it gets better with each passing day, but I have a question out there that I need answered.

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When did fanny packs come back in style?

There have been 3 people, 1 over 50, 2 under 35, rocking the Fanny Pack out at Training Camp. Is this a thing? I couldn’t believe it, but a very trendy female and another guy were wearing the packs and it blew my mind

I think the only thing you can carry in a fanny pack for it to be socially acceptable is…well, nothing

Not that I can talk. I’m the idiot out here carrying around a giant gallon of water, but I’ve been an idiot since I was 4 years old so I’m comfortable with that.

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Another observation Shan and I found interesting is the amount of Cowboys coaches wearing long sleeve shirts. Its 80 degrees in the sun and they’ve got to be burning up.

One thing is for sure, the Cowboys coaches are as active this year as I have seen. Tashard Choice is one of the most energetic coaches I’ve ever watched. He loves the game. He’s having fun. Its beautiful to watch.

On a final note, if you’ve never made the trip to Oxnard to watch the Cowboys in camp, you need to make this voyage. Outside of football, there’s so much awesomeness that goes on out here

Wine Country in Santa Maria is right up the road, Dodger Stadium is bucket list, and there’s a new slide at the top of the most famous skyscraper in town that takes you OUTSIDE over the elements…70 floors up.

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Make it happen. You won’t regret it.