DENTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Students at Texas Woman’s University today reacted to a message from the chief of police on campus. The message was an unusual way to tell students about a very unusual situation: police being targeted by a pellet gun wielding vandal who shot at university and Denton police Wednesday.

“We do have an alert system,” Chief of TWU Department of Public of Safety Elizabeth Pauley said. “But we only use that when there’s been any danger. And there was no imminent danger. But we felt like our community needed to know about it so they could be vigilant and give us a call if they see anything.”

The letter sent to the students described the campus police as being on high alert after windows were shot out of four cars and a Denton police unit. A university police officer had his vehicle shot at as well. Students were told to stay calm and be alert.

Police were not expecting the reaction they received to the message. Mid-day Thursday two students showed up with arm loads of pizzas. From shattered glass a tighter bond with students who brought a show of their appreciation.

“Our officers are working 24 hours a day 7 days a week,” the surprised Pauley said. “They will really appreciate this.”

“I kind of visualized in my email what happened,” said student Aaron Awake. “And now that we know what it was we know real people were in danger. So we thought you know these people put their lives out there every day. So we just thought we do something generous for them.”

The students were shy about the recognition, but gladly accepted the grateful hugs of the chief.

All told more than 20 cars had windows shot out in just two days.

Denton police have a person of interest in the case. Even though the weapon used to shatter the glass is only a BB or pellet gun, police want the gunman arrested before the nature of the crimes escalate.

“When you have a public servant that is out protecting the people and citizens in town just gonna ramp it up a notch,” said Denton police officer Shane Kizer. “It just makes you wonder what their motive is.”

Police said their person of interest in the case is possible tied to several, even more serious felony crimes as well.