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On November 22nd 1963 “As The World Turns” was on CBS Television when the first bulletins were broadcast.

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“Here is a bulletin from CBS News.  In Dallas, Texas three shots were fired at President Kennedy’s motorcade…” announced Walter Cronkite to a disbelieving audience.

We all know the rest of the event of that day and The Sixth Floor Museum in Dealey Plaza tells that story and much more.

“The museum explores the history and context of the 1960’s and provides those who remember the assassination, and those that don’t remember the assassination, sort of a window into the past” said Curator of The Sixth Floor Museum Stephen Fagin.

You will see Jack Ruby’s gray fedora that he wore on the fateful day he shot Lee Harvey Oswald on live television as well as hundreds of other artifacts.

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“We have the two key evidence areas recreated.  The snipers perch in the southeast corner and then we have the area reconstructed where the rifle was found” Fagin added.

Tonight Alexandra Zapruder, the granddaughter of Abraham Zapruder, will discuss her book “Twenty-Six Seconds”.  It is a personal history of the Zapruder, film shot by her grandfather, and the effect it had on history and her family.

The Sixth Floor Museum is open year around.  Annually over 400,000 visitors come to this place where history was made on a sunny day in November 1963.

Details: The Sixth Floor Museum

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