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DALLAS (KRLD) – On Wednesday, the Dallas City Council will vote on whether to appoint T.C. Broadnax as the new city manager. Broadnax is the current city manager in Tacoma, Washington.

Broadnax toured the city with the four other candidates last Monday, before being named the sole finalist on Friday.

What set apart Broadnax from those other candidates was that he visited under-served areas of the city, including West Dallas, where hundreds of renters may soon lose their homes, city leaders said.

One of those renters trying to buy her home, Ashton Elder appreciates what Broadnax did.

“I feel like that’s a good thing because he didn’t have to do that. He could have just waited for the information, he could have read it in the paper and looked up articles like everyone else.”

Speaking to KRLD’s Chris Sommer, Broadnax discussed why it was important for him to visit those communities on his own time.

“I always look at my role as I’ve got to be responsive and truly understand and embrace what every segment of a community that I manage lives like, and the issues that they confront. Particularly, so that I can insure and understand that when I’m working with my employees — I have some first hand understanding of the types of challenges that they’re going to have to try and work with me to help solve for the community,” said Broadnax.

“And so, often times in positions like mine, you sit behind a desk and you really don’t understand the issues going on out in the community. And for me, I’d like to get a front row seat so that when I’m talking to people I can truly embrace their perspectives on it, and work just as hard as anybody else out there in the field to figure out how we can try to help make the communities better. I like to do that, so I don’t take for granted the work that I do, and it really keeps me connected to the community.”

If approved by city council Wednesday, Broadnax will have to start work on serious challenges facing the city: Solve the cash-starved police and fire pension fund, hire a new police chief, help the homeless, deal with the city’s crumbling streets, and monitor West Dallas residents’ efforts to buy their homes from landlord, HMK.

The Mayor said if the city council votes to hire Broadnax, as is expected, the city will negotiate his starting date and his salary, estimated to be around $400,000.

Broadnax says he couldn’t be more thrilled to return to Texas. He has various ties to the lonestar state, including time spent working in city government in San Antonio, and he received his Master’s degree from the University of North Texas in 1993.

“I’ve missed Texas from afar since I left San Antonio. So I was definitely excited and really not surprised, but happy to get the call to ask me to compete for this position. I’m obviously more excited that council saw fit to want to hire me and allow me to come back,” Broadnax said. “Dallas is a premier city — big city on a big stage. And really, doing a lot of great things in that part of the country — particularity the metroplex. It gives me an opportunity to really come in and see what’s going on there and find ways to make it better, to better serve the community. And so, it’s always a good thing when you can impact people’s lives in a positive way, and there’s no bigger organization in my mind that I would rather work for than the city (of Dallas).”

If appointed this week, Broadnax hopes to start in Dallas on February 1.

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