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Science tells us that when we lose one of our senses, the other senses become much more vibrant. It’s widely known that Ludwig van Beethoven wrote some of his most impressive symphonies after he was completely deaf.

“I’m a blind painter and when I started I was completely convinced I was crazy, I thought I was out of my mind,” said Artist John Bramblitt.

John lost his vision in 2001 due to illness and after about a year, decided to follow his heart and pick up a paint brush.

Photo credit: John Bramblitt

Photo credit: John Bramblitt

“Whenever the vision left and I was learning how to do everything else from my sense of touch, I thought maybe I could start to learn to draw with lines that I could feel and touch,” Bramblitt added.

John has painted beautiful images including perfect portraits of people he has met, all through his sense of touch.

“Basically using painting techniques that artists have used for centuries, to be able to break down a composition into different areas and into different colors.  So whenever I am feeling a person’s face, I am breaking it down.  Like I’m breaking the ear down to certain areas,” Bramblitt explained.

Photo credit: John Bramblitt

Photo credit: John Bramblitt

You might wonder how he accomplishes shading and color as he creates his amazing works of art.

“For my paints, I just Braille the tubes and then I change the way the paint feels.  I mix different things in with the paint, different mediums,” Bramblitt said.

When you meet him and see his paintings, the art, energy and spirit of this young man will leave you forever changed.

“Art found me at a time when it shouldn’t have. Life is more full of color than ever before in my life,” Bramblitt smiled.

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