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FORT WORTH (CBS11) – For 3-month-old Lola Catron, cartoons just won’t cut it. Football is more her style.

Several cellphone videos capture the baby girl’s cries diminishing, seemingly soothed by the sounds of a Dallas Cowboys game.

“I tried the Steelers, she wasn’t having it,” said her mom Laura Catron.

His daughter’s affinity for America’s Team suits her father just fine. He is a diehard Cowboys fan. Mom on the other hand, not so much.

“Trust me, being a Broncos fan, I would rather it be my team,” said Laura.

The bright-eyed baby has called Cook Children’s Hospital home for most of her life. She was born with a congenital heart defect and had her first open heart surgery when she was only days old. Her second surgery was just last week. For The Catron family, football means time-off.

“It’s the day we don’t have to worry about her getting poked, and getting labs. Every Sunday we watch football all day,” said Laura Catron.

The tiny fan is providing some comic relief for a family that’s shed many tears.

“Lola crashed three times the first time we were here. Watching the life drain from your child; you’d do anything in the world to take her pain go away,” Catron said.

As her daughters videos go viral, it has meant more eyes on the Facebook page, ”Love for Lola.”

It’s a welcome sight for a mom who uses the page to raise awareness about congenital heart disease.

“CHD affects one out of every 100 babies. 25 percent of those cases are life threatening like Lola’s.”

“This is my entire life. She has something that will never go away. This is forever,” Catron said.

Lola has become a tiny vessel for a big message. A message Catron hopes the Cowboys might help spread.

“If one of them, just one of them, with a million followers could retweet something about CHD, then that is so many people [we’re reaching that] I couldn’t reach.”

And thanks to Lola, Cowboys Nation, may be growing.

“I might bite my lip and buy a jersey. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves–I’d start with a T-shirt,” joked Catron.

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