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Colorful map this time of the year signifies trouble, trouble, trouble.

Icy conditions north of DFW.

Icy conditions north of DFW.

Pink= freezing rain advisories
Purple= ice storm warning
Blue= winter storm watch

Temperatures are now safely above freezing across the north western parts of North Texas.

Freezing rain advisory is as close as northwest of Bowie on 287.

Do not venture to Oklahoma City and points north and west of this area as very dangerous driving conditions will continue to develop through the day and through tomorrow morning.

Temperatures will get above freezing from south-to-north starting Sunday morning, reaching the Kansas City area by afternoon. This is why the NFL moved the AFC game up until the evening on Sunday.

Back to our weather across North Texas. Temperatures will slowly warm into the 40’s Saturday with pockets of light rain.

If you need to get some stuff done today, errands, etc, today’s the day to do it. Just bundle up!

Storms in DFW Sunday and Monday. (National Weather Service - Fort Worth)

Storms in DFW Sunday and Monday. (National Weather Service – Fort Worth)

First half of Sunday should be okay.

Second half of Sunday will be a complete washout as a large area of rain will approach by late afternoon and evening.

With this first batch of rain, isolated severe storms may be embedded with hail and wind, especially west of a Muenster to Decatur to Weatherford line.

Behind this area of rain, a squall line will develop in West Texas along a Pacific cool front and blow through DFW by around midnight Monday morning, but the line should weaken somewhat as it moves towards the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Rain should be east of us by early Monday morning.

Precipitation totals will average around an inch and a half, but isolated higher totals are possible.

Tornado threat is minimal. Large hail threat is minimal. Strong winds are highly possible.

Just hope the sun doesn’t come out Sunday afternoon across north and west central Texas before the rain develops because if this happens, the storms could be more severe.

If it stays cloudy all day ahead of the developing storms, it will keep the instability low and the severe threat minimum.