By Shawn S. LealosWhen looking for breakfast and brunch food that really represents what the Ney York deli scene is all about, look no further than bagels and lox. While neither of those food items originated in New York, it was the Big Apple that really put them together for one of the best food combos to ever hit the deli counter. The good news is that you don’t have to live in New York to find great New York-styles delicatessans and you can find great bagels and lox no matter where you live. Here is a look at the best bagels and lox in the DFW area.

Benny’s Bagels & Deli
5100 W Eldorado Parkway, Suite 104
Mckinney, TX 75070
(972) 540-7707
www.bennysbagels.comBenny’s Bagels started when three friends in Dallas who opened a local restaurant selling New York-styled bagels and lox. Benny’s Bagels also tries to work hard on personalizing the experience, learning customers names and treating everyone like they are returning to a familiar place. The bagels are made with natural ingredients and boiled until they are soft before they finally seed and prepare each and every one by hand. Each bagel is around 300 calories, making this a healthy stop in the DFW area.

Deli News
17062 Preston Road
Dallas, TX 75248
(972) 733-3354
www.delinewsdallas.comThe Deli News has been a Dallas original for almost 30 years now. They offer bagels and lox in a restaurant that specializes in Russian and Jewish fare. The restaurant was opened by Michael Adarnovsky, a man who said his car broke down in Dallas and he liked the city so much that he chose never to leave. While they have some of the best bagels and lox in the DFW area, there is so much more here to enjoy, including fish, soup, franks, and sandwiches. Deli News has won numerous awards from a variety of local publications as the best deli in Dallas.

Cindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen Restaurant & Bakery
306 South Houston St.
Dallas, TX 75202-4706
(214) 744-4745
www.cindisnydeli.comCindi’s N.Y. Delicatessen has some of the best lox spread in the entire DFW area and makes real bagels fresh daily. Cincdi’s has a ’50s-flair that allows them to feel like a comfortable mom and pop diner while also growing fast enough to now have five different locations in the DFW area. They are a mix of a N.Y. deli, a pancake house, and a diner. They remain best known for their bagels, bread, and pastries, and their breakfast menu is served all day long as well. When looking for a variety of bagels, Cindi’s is also the best bet with 15 different flavors, from poppy and pumpernickel to cinnamon raisin, whole wheat, and more.

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Dream Cafe
6465 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 380
Dallas, TX 75214
(214) 824-2503
www.thedreamcafe.comDream Cafe is much more than just a cafe to come for some of the best bagels and lox in the DFW area. This is also a cafe where people can come on certain nights to hear live jazz music and can always find the best in wine specials as well. This is a restaurant that has just about anything a person could want, whether it is breakfast or brunch, and there are a lot of favorites featuring both bagels and lox, including The New Yorker, which has a wheat bagel with herb cream cheese, lox, tomato, capers, red onions, as well as scrambled eggs.

Toulouse Cafe and Bar
3314 Knox St.
Dallas, TX 75205
(214) 520-8999
Toulouse Cafe and Bar goes more for the French experience than the New York-style with their restaurant. A Texas original, there are now two locations for Toulouse, one in Dallas and one in Houston. They offer seasonal menus, wine, and a more cozy atmosphere than other cafes in the area. Brunch is when the bagels with cream cheese and lox are on the menu and they offer one of the best experiences in the DFW area for people looking for a relaxing brunch with great food.

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