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NEW YORK (CBS NEWS) – Even though employers are creating new jobs, many are adding tougher interview questions or asking applicants to perform skill tests as a way to skim the cream of the crop.

That trend means applicants need to be prepared for anything, including strange and difficult questions from hiring managers, according to research from employment site Brain teasers were a hallmark of Google’s hiring process, and although the company has since backed away from the technique, plenty of other companies have taken up the mantle.

Some evidence shows that tough interview questions pay off: Previous research from Glassdoor found such logic-stumpers can result in happier hires. Employees who reported going through a relatively tough interview process were more pleased with their jobs. Glassdoor economist Andrew Chamberlain compared it to dating. Taking time to find the right match between employer and candidate pays off in the long run by leading to higher satisfaction and productivity.

Preparing for a job interview should include researching the company via online sources as well as talking with current and former employees about what to expect. Tapping insiders can help unearth insights into what types of jobs or skills a company is searching for.

On top of that, Glassdoor recommends practicing answers to questions out loud with a friend or talking in front of a mirror. Second, prepare a list of questions you’d like to ask, so that you’re prepared for the standard interview question: “So, have any questions for us?”

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