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NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Many parents aren’t sure what their child’s school district will do when it comes to making up snow days. Thus, we compiled the following list to help!

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City of Arlington:
Public Works and Transportation Director Mindy Carmichael said any money not spent on sand and salt or operations to address wintry road conditions would be spent on other emergency operations, such as street flooding or storm clean up, or invested in sidewalks and public infrastructure.
Arlington ISD:
The minutes needed for makeup days were included as part of the regular instructional calendar for the school year so the calendar would not need to be adjusted if there was bad weather.

City of Dallas:
Snow and ice responses are budget planned along with other unknown events that may occur such as responding to flooding or barricading for unknown events. Although Dallas experienced only one light snow event this year, a spokesperson said they don’t know how heavy rain events may impacted the school calendar.
Dallas ISD:
Generally, Dallas ISD has days like most districts with built-in makeup days prior to the last day of school. Click here for a full understanding of how the calendar year is structured.

City of Fort Worth:
There isn’t a budget specifically for sanding roads, it is all part of their maintenance budget. Due to warmer weather, crews continue working street maintenance and will not have to shift to emergency response mode. The supplies typically used for sanding roads would carry over for possible use next year.
Fort Worth ISD:
If there is/are no snow day(s) on which school was canceled, then the last day of classes is June 2. If there are snow days they would be June 5 and 6. So, if a student gets out of school on June 2, then he/she is getting out earlier than June 5 or 6.

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City of Frisco:
If funds are not expended for the snow and ice operations as identified in the budget, they become available for other priority needs within the department. However, no funds have been transferred yet.
Frisco ISD:
No, students would not get out of school any earlier if school does not have to be cancelled due to winter weather.
They would have no school on the two bad weather make-up days built into our school calendar – April 17 and May 26. This would create four-day weekends over Easter and Memorial Day.

City of Irving:
All budgeted but unspent funds at the end of the fiscal year remain in fund balance.
Irving ISD:
The 2016-2017 calendar had March 10 and March 20 (the day before and the day after spring break) identified as bad weather make-up days, if needed. But since they did not use those, they became student holidays. Thus, Irving ISD students now have no school Friday, March 10 through Monday, March 20.
The last day of school remains Thursday, June 1.

City of Mansfield:
Mansfield ISD doesn’t have a specific line item for winterizing primarily because it doesn’t happen every year and they aren’t as big as other cities who have large sections of roadways that would need salt, sand, etc. They look at historical data and use that information to provide for overtime hours for street crews in case it’s needed and any materials are included in their maintenance and supplies budget.
Mansfield ISD:
Bad weather days are built into the district calendar schedule, and if not needed, are school holidays for students.

City of McKinney:
The unused funds that are typically identified for weather events are absorbed back into normal operations. Thus, a spokesperson for the district said they may not be treating roads for snow and ice, and will still have to perform their regular maintenance activities.
McKinney ISD:
The district’s bad weather days are not placed at the end of the school year so students don’t get out any earlier. Instead, staff and students would have a holiday on April 14 and May 26.

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City of Plano:
Whatever money if left over is used elsewhere. Overtime is used to repair streets. Money not used for salt and sand is also used for street repairs.
Plano ISD:
The district’s inclement weather makeup days for 2017 are April 14 and April 17. April 17 is a staff development day which can be used used as a student makeup day if needed. April 14 is a student/teacher holiday, but inclement weather would have made it a regular school day. Plano ISD didn’t have any school closures in 2016.