By Brian New

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FRISCO (CBS11) – When asked what he does for a living, FC Dallas’ complex manager often replies, “I’m a farmer.”

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“When my kids were younger, they would say what do you grow? I’d tell them I grow grass,” said Tom Jones.

Keeping the grass at Toyota Stadium and the nearby soccer complex green and manicured is Jones’ full time job as Vice President of Complex Management for the Frisco-based professional soccer team.

“This is seven days a week work to maintain it at this level,” said Jones. “But a homeowner can get very close to this.”

With these Top 5 tips, Jones said a homeowner can have a green healthy lawn without making it their full-time job.

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1. Sharpen the blades
Jones said his top tip when it comes to having a green lawn has nothing to do with watering or fertilizing.
He said the key is to have sharp blades on your lawnmower. A dull blade will chew up your lawn which will cause the tips of the grass to brown.

2. Cut little and often
When comes to Bermuda grass, never cut more than a third of grass off, which means you’ll need to mow at least once a week. In fact, experts recommend in the summer time to mow Bermuda grass once every five days.

3. Change patterns
If you mow in rows one week, mow in diagonal lines the next. Jones said if you mow in the same direction week after week, the tire marks from the lawn mower could damage your yard.

4. Fertilize on holidays
The easiest way to remember when to fertilize is to do it around the four major spring and summer holidays; Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day, Jones said in North Texas fertilizing four times a year is sufficient.

5. Treat weeds in full bloom
The best way to keep weeds out of your lawn is to grow a thick grass. However, if you do treat them, Jones said do it when the weeds are in full bloom. A common mistake homeowners often make is spraying weeds right after mowing.

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Bonus: Striping grass like the pros
If you want to strip your grass so it will look like a professional sport field, you’ll need to add rollers to the back of your lawn mower. The rollers will bend the grass in direction you mow. It’s the reflection from the sun off the grass, that gives it that two tone look. With blades having both a shiny and dull side, grasses like Bluegrass and Perennial Ryegrass typically have the best striping results. It’s tough to get the same look with Bermuda grass,