By Ken Molestina

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FORT WORTH (CBS11) – Posters promoting white supremacy were found hanging at two Texas Christian University campus buildings.

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The posters were hung by a group known as Vanguard America.

The organization’s Facebook page describes them as being “Young, White Americans defending our race and nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

The posters, which were found at the Mary Couts Burnett Library and at the nearby Bass Building, included messages encouraging White Americans to defend White America.

Upon hearing of the posters TCU student Cydney Calvin said, “I feel like it’s 2017 and I feel like if people are doing that it’s just straight ignorance.”

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A TCU spokesperson released this statement in regards to the posters being discovered:

Texas Christian University permits the widespread promotion of all sanctioned campus events and activities. The posters in this case were not sponsored by any of TCU’s student groups and were not posted in areas approved for posting, and therefore were removed. While this is not a criminal matter, TCU Police are reviewing evidence to determine whether there was a violation of campus policy.

Vanguard America responded to a request for comment on the issue Tuesday with the following statement:

These posters were hung as a means to promote our ideals and spread our message to White Americans at these campuses. Our group, Vanguard America, promotes a revival of America which will come from its founding people. Our organization is functioning nationwide and is organized well in many states, Vanguard Texas being one of the most notable examples. This means of recruitment has proven to be successful, as many who share our beliefs hold them in secret on these campuses.

Campuses are important because they represent both our main demographic of younger White Americans, and because they are so full of Marxist, anti-White propaganda disguised as education.

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The posters were official material from our site, and were hung up by people associated with our organization.