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UPDATE 3/15/2017: Animal Adventure park says, “April is doing what she does best, and waiting, and we are thankful! April and Oliver are doing well in their heated barn, while 2-3′ of snow encapsulate the property. All other stock is sheltered in place and comfortable. April’s condition remains the same as days prior, for which we are thankful. The live cam will experience issues throughout the day with signal.”

NEW YORK (CBSDFW.COM/AP) – According to experts at National Geographic, the average gestation period for a giraffe is between 450 and 460 days or about 15 months… but doesn’t it seem longer since the world started watching the livestream video of a pregnant giraffe at a zoo in New York?

There are reports today that the staff at Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville have noticed “significant changes” in April the giraffe. Yesterday, after several medical checks, veterinarians said April’s back end had become “significantly larger and relaxed” with “motion and pulsing” in the area.

Officials with the park would not go as far as to say the giraffe was in active labor, but continued to say things were getting “close.”

As millions watch and wait for 15-year-old April to deliver her calf,
there are some things you should brace for. As you might expect, giraffes give birth standing up. Being very tall creatures, calves fall more than five feet to the ground at birth. But the “welcome to the world” isn’t traumatizing, in fact calves generally stand within half an hour and run with their moms within 10 hours.

Jordan Patch, the owner of Animal Adventure Park, described the global attention the impending giraffe birth has garnered as “overwhelming” for him and his four-member staff, who also care for 200 other animals.

Once the newborn appears, the park has said a contest will be held to name April’s baby.

And conditions are becoming harrowing outside the park. The livesteam of April the giraffe has been intermittently interrupted by Winter Storm Stella. The National Weather Service has issued blizzard warnings for parts New York. Tuesday morning officials at the park said the storm had begun “to unload on our area.”

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