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DALLAS (105.3 The Fan) – Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, his wife and a friend of theirs stopped by a Starbucks in an unknown location on Monday.

Completely normal, right?

What was unusual about their trip to this Starbucks wasn’t the drink inside their cups, but what was written on them.

For all you Starbucks shunners, typically when you order a drink from one of the coffee conglomerate’s locations, they ask you for your name and write it on your cup.

When Phelps, his friend and his wife Nicole received their cups… the swimmer’s cup said, “The GOAT,” while his wife’s said, “GOAT’s Wife,” and their friend’s said, “Friend of GOAT.”

For everyone that doesn’t understand what “The GOAT” means… it’s not a slap in the face to the 23-time gold medal winner, but rather a compliment.

GOAT is a cooler way of saying an athlete is the “Greatest Of All Time.” Which, Phelps, may in fact, be just that among athletes.