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FRISCO (CBS11) – Frisco Police revealed the man shot in broad daylight Monday afternoon in a front yard is a roofing contractor who was going door to door to find work.

Police said a homeowner, 45-year-old Radu Chivu is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and remains in custody.

Hail recently pounded parts of Frisco including this neighborhood near FM 423 and Lebanon Road.

What happened there nine days later also hit neighbors hard.

Ginny and Jonathan Schwartz sid they were home when the shooting happened.

Ginny said the same man came to their house earlier. “The gentleman seemed nice. He wasn’t pushy.”

Chivu has a “no solicitation” sign near the front door.

Police aren’t releasing the contractor’s identity but said he’s being treated at a hospital.

Jonathan Schwartz said, “What could have caused that reaction in our neighborhood befuddles me. I just don’t know.”

A neighbor who didn’t want to be identified, said Chivu told her the contractor attacked him and that he was simply defending himself.

She said Chivu’s shirt was torn.

Police aren’t commenting on this.

The Schwartzes sid they feel lucky. “I was getting ready to leave and if I would have left maybe five or ten minutes early and drove past that home, maybe one of the bullets could have hit me.”

Residents said after the hail, they expected to be flooded with contractors looking to replace their roof.

But they said nothing prepared them for the legal storm now facing their neighbor.

Several roofing contractors CBS11 spoke with said this shooting is the reason that when they see no solicitation signs at homes, they avoid knocking on those doors.