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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – It’s was the 2017 NFL Draft pick that made the Philadelphia crowd boiling angry and every Dallas Cowboys fan cheer with utter delight…the draft pick that was announced by Drew Pearson.

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From the very first moment of the NFL Draft, the home crowd in Philadelphia was anything but kind to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. Every time Goodell stepped on stage to announce the picks, the crowd was extremely vocal with extra loud screams and boos!

But the volume reached it’s peak when former Cowboys great Drew Pearson stepped on stage to announce the Dallas Cowboys second round pick.  “How ’bout them Cowboys?” Pearson said. “I want to thank the Eagles fans for allowing me to have a career in the NFL.”

According to Pearson, Goodell encouraged Pearson to get the crowd stirred up.

Pearson told 105.3 The Fan on Monday morning that he had no intentions of saying what he said to the Philadelphia crowd.

“I intended to do something a little different at the podium after sitting for three hours in the green room for my turn to be called up there,” said Pearson. “But I didn’t plan on delivering anything like that.”

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“The adrenaline started flowing, I got fired-up,” said Pearson. “I guarantee you, if anybody would have thrown a shoe, or something like that, I probably would have caught it and spiked it. I was that fired up.”

“The initial thing, the gig on the Eagles, that was encouraged by the Commissioner,” said Pearson. “After he announced that the Cowboys were up with the next pick, he (Goodell) walked back stage to the green room and said ‘are you ready for this?’ I’m used to getting booed in Philadelphia, so it wasn’t a big deal.

He then told Goodell that he should thank the Eagles fans for allowing him to have a career in the NFL and Goodell encouraged him to say it.

“Yes, he encouraged me,” said Pearson. “He was pretty cool behind stage. I’ve got a different view of Roger Goodell now.”

Pearson says he didn’t realize how viral his draft announcement was until he was escorted by two bodyguards to his actual hotel room.

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