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Its not often I talk hockey. In fact, its not often I think about talking hockey, either.

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I’ll admit, I like the sport in May. I love it in June. Its the best postseason in professional sports, its just…hockey.

But there is something special about hockey fans that nobody else in sports can relate to, except maybe SEC Football fans (but I’m biased on that one.)

Remember back in mid-April, when Edmonton fans, in unison, sang the Canadian National Anthem? Not surprising because, you know, its their anthem.

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It gave me chills! I have a feeling if it didn’t give you chills, you have no chill bumps…or whatever they’re called.

Which brings me to Sunday night, when country singer Brent Kissel’s microphone wasn’t up to par. Brent decided to ask the fans to help sing The Star-Spangled Banner…in Canada!?

What we saw in Edmonton, Alberta Sunday night was one of those memorable special sports moments that makes you tip your cap to the crowd, to the city, to the fan-base, to the sport.

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To hockey!