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The 8th Annual A Peep At The Coops is this Sunday at Moss Haven Elementary School in Dallas.  It is a chance for families to have fun and learn about raising chickens in your own backyard.

“It’s a home tour for chicken coops and we have eight coops on tour.  Moss Haven Farms is one and that is where you come and pick up the tickets” said Farmer Kim Aman of Moss Haven Farms.

Moss Haven Farms raises chicken right there at the school.  They not only raise chickens, they raise award winning chickens.

“Our chickens are rock stars here at the farm. We have a 4-H Club that shows them at the State Fair and this year we won ‘Grand Champion Egg’ in the state of Texas” Farmer Kim added.

Some of the students at Moss Haven Elementary have chicken coops at their homes too where they learn to take care of them and collect the eggs.

“You have to get them in the morning and in the afternoon and sometimes really late because they can lay at any time” said student Anna Belle McClain.

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