By Ken Molestina

GRAPEVINE (CBSDFW.COM) — Police in Grapevine are experiencing a never before seen spike in thefts of third row seats from SUV’s in their city.

Officials say last year they documented eight cases, and this year so far they have documented more than 20 of them.

Media manager for Grapevine PD, Amanda McNew, says the trend represents a 300 percent spike in these crimes. McNew said the thefts are becoming popular because of the demand for the resale of third row seats to customers who are willing to buy the stolen item.

In many cases she says the thieves can make a few hundred dollars on them.

“They are all over Craigslist online sights like that everywhere. If they go to swap meets they can get a couple hundred dollars.”

Kaley Rhodes, recently fell victim to this in Grapevine.

Rhodes, who didn’t know the thefts are a trend said, “It’s pretty sorry to steal somebody’s third row seat. I have 5 kids so I need my third row seat.”

Grapevine PD is now launching a public service campaign to try and battle the trend. They have created a video showing just how fast it is for someone to break into an SUV and take the third row seat.

Officials are offering four tips they say can help keep an SUV owner free of being victimized by thieves.

They say owners should remove the third row seats when they are not in use. But when they are in use, they recommend they are tied down using cable locks. They also advise owners to etch the vehicle vin number on to the side of the seats so they are easier to track down if they are stolen. Lastly, thy are telling all owners to always park rear side in especially in a garage.

While Grapevine PD hope their message is heard, Rhodes has one of her own she wants to send to whoever stole her third row seat.

“They need to stop. It’s a huge inconvenience for people like me that have kids and we need our third row seat. So… get a life.”