By Ken Molestina

ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) — Following the terrorist attack at a concert in Manchester this week all eyes in North Texas are on Friday’s U2 concert at the AT&T Stadium.

Fans CBS11 spoke to say while the Manchester events are still top of mind it’s not keeping them from one of the biggest concert events in Arlington this year.

Alex Romero said, “As much fear as they want to put into us it’s not going to deter us. Especially fans like this.”

Arlington police say they will be working with federal law enforcement partners in an upgraded capacity to ensure fans safety.

They say special attention will be place on areas of entry and exit.

Lt. Chris Cook said while police are beefing up their protocols they are also asking people to stay vigilant.

“They [fans] need to be our extra eyes and ears when you see something out of the ordinary or someone acting suspicious to let us know,” he said.

Director of Security for Thompson Lehman, John Setser says the biggest concern this soon after Manchester is that a copy cat might want to strike.

“There’s always copy cats. There’s always people who say if they can do it I can do that.”

Authorities say although many have heard the advice before the idea of “see something, say something” is still effective in combating a possible terror attack.