by MaryAnn Martinez | CBS11

DENTON (CBS11) -A Denton man whose wife and daughter were killed by a driver who was texting and driving says Texas’ new texting ban doesn’t go far enough.

Emma Shaffer and her daughter, Tita were killed by a driver who was texting last year near Denton.

James Shaffer, Emma’s husband, helped pass a strict texting ban in Denton.

“If you’re operating a motor vehicle, you can’t have a wireless hand held device within your hand,” said Shaffer. “You have to be stopped.”

Denton’s ban could soon be canceled out by a statewide ban.

It was signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott Tuesday.

The Governor has already said he wants to amend the new statewide ban so that local bans can’t be different than the Texas law.

Starting September 1, drivers caught breaking the new law will face fines between $25-$99.

“I definitely text and drive,” said Fort Worth driver Yarlenis Urdaneta. “I try not to. I know it’s a bad thing. I do notice that when I do text and drive, I’m not paying attention to the road.”

Repeat offenders could pay as much as $200.

“I’m going to stop,” said Urdaneta. “It’s a fine, first off. I don’t have money for a ticket just to text. A text can wait.”

Shaffer says, respect for life, not money should deter people from texting and driving.

“It’s infuriating because they don’t realize what it’s like to lose a wife and a daughter, and then have two boys at home that are without them and really what the impact and the loss is that’s associated with that one text,” he said.