by MaryAnn Martinez | CBS11

ARLINGTON (CBS11) – The Arlington City Council approved a three-year contract for cameras for the entire department.

It will cost $1.4 million for all three years, much of that grant money.

The Arlington Police Department went through a four-month trial period last year, testing three kinds of cameras.

The family of Tavis Crane, who was shot and killed by Arlington police in February after police said he ran over an officer twice, was at the city council meeting Tuesday night, voicing their support for additional cameras.

“Maybe they’d be less likely to do some of the things that they’re doing because the camera is there,” said Crane’s grandmother, Beverly Millikin.

The body cameras will not be on all the time due to privacy concerns, according to the Arlington Police Department.

The video officers record will be considered official record and likely called upon whenever an officer’s actions are in question.