FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – As the world anxiously watches ransomware hijack computers in Russia and Europe, computer technicians for the City of Fort Worth say they are staying on guard and vigilante.

“I think it is a fairly serious concern for our citizens,” said Kevin Gunn, Fort Worth Technology Director.

As you walk through a maze of cubicles on the upper floor of a city building you catch glimpses of people focused on computer monitors, typing on keyboards and studying. They’re the techs protecting your personal information from hackers.

“It actually is 24, 7, 365. We’re around-the-clock operations here at the City of Fort Worth,” Gunn said. “We are targets. These types of infections or compromises are increasingly targeting local government because of the information we have.”

The city pays constant attention to keeping anti-virus software and operating systems updated. Right now, Fort Worth is paying even more attention to communications, talking to other agencies searching for any cracks that might appear in security.

“There are a lot of things called computer emergency response teams at the federal level, at the state level and that all filters down to the local government level. And they all keep tabs on things that are evolving,” Gunn said.

Add to that individual techs staying in touch with friends and colleagues and the fight against hackers becomes a personal battle here.

“We have to be vigilant all the time and aware all the time,” said Gunn. “So we focus a lot of efforts in that awareness.”