By Kelli Wiese

DALLAS (KRLD) – A new feature from Snapchat is creating all kinds of talk.

The new app feature is called Snap Map. It lets you share where you are with friends and followers. It uses a GPS signal to show where you are located and police say it could pose a major safety danger.

Andrew Rossow is a cyberspace and technology attorney with the Gregory M. Gantt Co. Law firm.

“There are some serious privacy concerns with this because people don’t understand that they are being tracked” says Rossow.

He says this can be especially dangerous for children. His advice for parents, “Be aware of the applications your children have on their phones and look at the settings that are available.”

Rossow also says, “It’s a cool feature. However, there just needs to be some sort of regulation and public awareness as to the potential consequences and dangers of this if this is taken out of context or even abused.”