LEWISVILLE (CBS11) – Margaret and Jeff Boemer of Lewisville never gave up hope about their daughter, Lynlee.

“I do call her my miracle fighter and I think that describes her well.” said Margaret Boemer.

During the pregnancy, doctors discovered a large tumor that was causing Lynlee heart failure and stealing her blood.

The Boemers said some doctors advised they should terminate the pregnancy.

But the couple said they found surgeons at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston to partially remove Lynlee her from the uterus to take out the tumor. “To think that some of the doctors wanted us to terminate her is just very difficult.”

Lynlee was born 13 weeks later.

She made headlines nationwide and became known as the girl born twice.

Since then, Lynlee has had a year filled with tests and check-ups. “The tumor didn’t allow her glute muscles to grow and so they had to move muscle to make her glutes so she had trouble with balance at first and sitting up. She’s overcome this just like everything else.”

That includes a scare they faced in April. “Her blood work came back higher than normal and elevated and so we were concerned her tumor was regrowing.”

Thankfully, it wasn’t.

She visits her doctors every three months for evaluation.

Lynlee is starting to say a few words, crawling and almost walking by herself.

“Now that she’s on the move, you put her down and turn around, and she’s moved to the other side of the room,” said Jeff.

“She is very happy. She is a very joyful, happy baby,” said Margaret.

They are so grateful they could celebrate Lynlee’s first birthday earlier this month.

Margaret Boemer said her life sends a message to other families. “I just want to let everyone know, there is hope and to give these babies a chance.”