Vigil for Shavon Randle (Jeff Paul – CBS11)

DALLAS (CBS11) – Hundreds of people gathered outside the Oak Cliff home where two bodies were found as they remembered the life of Shavon Randle.

Randle was kidnapped from her Lancaster home. Investigators said it was revenge stemming from a drug robbery that did not involve the 13-year-old.

Shavon Le’Feye Randle

The group left balloons, stuffed animals and cards outside the abandoned home where Randle was found inside.

“I want to the people to know who did this, God bless your souls,” remarked one family member. “I want you to know that you took a girl’s life that didn’t do anything. She was innocent.”

Police said Kendall Perkins stole drugs from Darius Fields, Devontae Owens and Laporshya Polley.

Perkins, the boyfriend of Randle’s cousin, is now charged with robbery.

Polley and Fields face drug possession charges.

Owens and Laquon Wilkerson now face aggravated kidnapping charges.

“When we pulled up, I saw all y’all out here, I was like, ‘All these people are here for my baby y’all,” said Shaquana Presley, Randle’s mother.

Presley thanked the crowd for their support.

“Y’all got kids? Cherish them, oh my god. Hold them and don’t let them go,” said Presley. “Hold them and don’t let them go because I wish she was here right now where I could hold her and not let her go.”

The group also took to the streets as they hoped to set an example to the rest of the community watching.

“Shavon has done something that has awakened each and every one of us,” said Dwaine Caraway, Dallas City Council’s Mayor Pro Tem.

Caraway, who represents District 4, promised the crowd an aggressive reaction.

“That house, others like that house, is coming down,” said Caraway.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner confirmed on Monday night Michael Titus, the other body found inside the home, died from a gunshot wound.

Michael Titus

The ME has not released any information regarding how Randle died.