NORTH TEXAS (CBS11) – America mints new citizens every minute, just by being born. But more than 750,000 more earned that right last year, becoming naturalized citizens.

First they had to learn our nation’s history and answer questions like ‘What happened at the constitutional convention?’ and ‘Why does the flag have 50 stars?’

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“For the 50 states!” piped up 11-year-old Sasha Gates. No need for Google. The Gates family is visiting North Texas from Nebraska– so they had plenty of time for road trip trivia!

Other questions on the citizenship exams [ pulled from online practice tests ] include: Who was President during WWI? (Woodrow Wilson) and ‘The Federalist Papers supported the passage of the U.S. Constitution. Name one of the writers’: James Madison, John Adams, George Washington or Thomas Jefferson?  (James Madison)

So, are the civics whiz you always thought you were? Not to worry.

There were other unsuspecting victims of CBS11’s sidewalk history quiz.

Jessica Campbell dissolved into laughter when she was tripped up by a question about citizen loyalty. Then she admitted her travels abroad had taught her to appreciate America– and its freedoms.

“I’m beginning to be more aware of things,” said Campbell. “Freedom? We definitely take it for granted.”

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David Schmid agrees.

“It’s because we have it every day,” said Schmid, visiting North Texas for the July Fourth holiday from New Braunfels. “When you don’t have it, and you’re struggling? Those people that are trying to get here? Trying to get that status? They’re the ones that have to fight for it.”

Families like the Quesadas.

Dr. Nancy Quesada-Fernandez was born in Bolivia– but, became a citizen 40 years ago. Her daughters, now adults, say citizenship is for them, precious, because it was earned.

“We are guests, and we have to behave like guests,” said Patty Quesada, an educator. “We believe in this country, we love this country and we honor this country.”

And that’s a test that most anyone can pass.

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So now, WHEN did the Revolutionary War end? (1783)