DALLAS (KRLD) – It’s been the longest year of Navarro County District Attorney Lowell Thompson’s life. He was home watching TV on July 7th, 2016, when his younger brother’s friend gave him a call asking if Brent was involved in an active shooter situation in Downtown Dallas.

“So I flipped it over and I immediately texted Brent and said, ‘hey, are you tied up in this? Give me call, give me a text.’ I never heard back from him.”

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That’s when Thompson said more calls and texts started to come in.

“And then our local Sheriff, Elmer Tanner, he texted me and said, ‘hey, is Brent caught up in this?’ I said I’m trying to find out,” he said.

Thompson said shortly thereafter he received a call from someone in Dallas who said ‘we can’t give you 100 percent confirmation, but we think Brent was one of the ones shot and we don’t think he made it.'”

Thompson said he picked up his parents in Corsicana and together they began speeding toward Baylor Medical Center in Dallas.

“As we’re going underneath the 287 bridge … as you’re going into Ennis … they called, told me yes, it was Brent and he was killed. I had to tell my parents and that was the worst thing I ever had to do in my life, and that’s the thing I remember most from that night.”

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Although a year has passed since then, Thompson said it feels like no time at all.

“To us, it was like this happened yesterday,” he said.

“All the firsts have been hard: first birthday, first Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first Father’s day.”

He said it’s the community support that has helped his family survive.

And as Dallas pauses to reflect on the one-year anniversary, he’s hoping the people can remember the support they gave law enforcement right after the shooting, and continue that moving forward.”

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“There was so much support for them right after this happened and it has maintained a little bit. But if we could have the support for the police like we did right after that happened all the time, I think things would be much better.”