RICHARDSON (CBSDFW) – A local family has suffered a second bobcat attack on one of their dogs.

David Dinsmore never lets his small dogs out of his sight. He learned that lesson the hard way, after his family lost their Yorkie Dakota to a bobcat earlier this year.

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“We’ve been really careful,” he says. “We always, always stay outside with the dogs. Now I don’t know how to protect against this.”

Tuesday morning, Dinsmore carefully watched the five small dogs in his backyard. Then a bush rustled, and a bobcat jumped into the yard. Dinsmore was standing only 20 feet from the dogs, but says the bobcat showed no fear of him as it snatched up their Yorkie Dixie Belle.

“I’m screaming like crazy, trying to get him to drop the dog,” Dinsmore says. “I end up scaling the fence in my bare feet to go after it. I saw it run down the alley and jump a neighbor’s fence.” All the while the cat still carried Dixie Belle in its mouth. Dinsmore says his family joined in chasing the cat and screaming at it, before it finally dropped Dixie Belle near a neighbor’s house.

“The cat punctured her throat and she’s had some bleeding but it missed the jugular vein,” says Dinsmore. Dixie Belle is at an emergency clinic. As of now, she is still alive.

David Dinsmore’s Yorkie ‘Dixie Belle’ (Photo Cred: Donna Dinsmore’s Facebook)

Dinsmore says he’s simply at his wits end. After their other dog Dakota was eaten, he made his backyard half the size so his dogs would never be out of sight.

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“I don’t know what else to do,” Dinsmore says. “I have no solutions, and the city of Richardson has offered no solutions.”

In a sad twist, Dixie Belle was adopted to replace the dog that was eaten earlier this year.

The city has set up traps for bobcats in the Canyon Creek neighborhood where Dinsmore lives, after several other reports of bobcat attacks this year.

“The only solution may be to move,” says Dinsmore. “At least in the country, you expect something like this.”

Bobcats have also been seen in other Richardson neighborhoods.

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The video above was taken Monday by KRLD listener Justin Kucera, on Stonehenge Drive in the Wyndsor Estates area.