OXNARD, CA (105.3 The Fan) – I suggested on 105.3 The Fan early Wednesday morning that while the Dallas Cowboys may have botched the optics and the chronology, they got The Wrong Last Straw on Lucky Whitehead … and that the now-released receiver may be facing a pair of legal entanglements away from football.

Whitehead and I then had the following exchange (edited in some cases for brevity clarity):

The Fan’s Mike Fisher: I’ve been told, Lucky, that you may be facing charges over filing a false report related to the dog incident. Possibly true?

LUCKY: “I have multiple phone recordings and screenshots so they can try that all they want, what am I to gain from (doing) that? Nothing.”

FISHER: Did you actually know this Bugatti Kasino guy? Or do you not know him?

LUCKY: Never heard or seen him before until he DM’d on IG saying he had my dog. At that moment is when I found out who he was. Like I said, I have all the screenshots and phone recordings.

FISHER: OK. Do you know anything about the cops wanting to talk to you about a filing a false report?

LUCKY: What cops? I haven’t heard about this until now someone came into my home, period, and took my dog out of his cage!

FISHER: OK. And then the Virginia thing. What are the chances that you actually know the guy who basically (allegedly) stole your Social Security number?

LUCKY: (He was) probably high. My (hometown) isn’t that big so it’s probably someone I grew up with … and it’s scary for someone to have that info or even remember it.

FISHER: Your agent told me that there might be five teams calling for you right now. How excited are you to get a fresh start somewhere, anywhere?

LUCKY: Fish, it’ll be a blessing, and I’m very excited. I just want to play football; all this extra stuff is very overwhelming and crazy.
I don’t why I’m being targeted so heavy, but it’s out of my control at this point. I’m leaving it in God’s hands … hopefully I get another chance to continue my career.

FISHER: Final thoughts?

LUCKY: ‘Ridiculous! It’s been, to say the least, a crappy month, but God makes no mistakes. I pray for another opportunity!