HOOD COUNTY (CBS11) – On days when the sun is beating down, and lawns are drying up, people in the Laguna Vista neighborhood near Granbury are prepared that any day they could wake up to no water.

Wednesday morning there was just a trickle coming out of Lorna and Mark’s Cockerham’s kitchen sink. They weren’t that surprised.

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“No, no, no,” said Mark. “But i got a quick shower.”

Laguna Vista homeowners have been complaining about water pressure problems from the small privately owned system, on and off for years.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has issued enforcement orders against the Jusryn Company and owner Ike Thomas, for violations including low pressure to the 200-plus homes in the area, and no boil water notices.

“It’s just a constant source of irritation,” said Lorna. “People get upset with each other. So and so was watering, and they shouldn’t, that kind of thing. And it starts to cause problems in the neighborhood.”

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It hasn’t helped perception that the utility owner also grows sod down the road. It’s watered by water from Lake Granbury, according to system manager, Wes Stephens.

The neighborhood used to have a similar irrigation system. It fell apart during the drought, putting extra stress on the small system that people now also use to water their yards.

Wednesday’s issue was mechanical, not a lack of water Stephens said. Sensors became tangled, and indicated to pumps that they could stop adding supply. A second tank to add system capacity, is still waiting for state approval he said.

In the meantime, some are almost getting used to waiting, for their water.

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“Kinda gotten beyond the getting mad about it, and it’s part of daily life,” Mark said.