NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW) – Conservative activist Sara Legvold of Keller is angry Senate Republicans didn’t repeal Obamacare early Friday as they had promised to do for seven years.

“I’m really mad because they have a mandate from the people.”

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Legvold says she no longer has a message for Republicans in Congress, only voters.

“There’s no accountability anymore so to the people, don’t be stupid anymore, and vote them out.”

While many Republicans are angry, many Democrats are relieved Obamacare remains.

Texas Democratic Party Deputy Executive Director Manny Garcia says, “If the Affordable Care Act were to be repealed, as many as 174,700 people could lose their jobs and 2,550,000 Texans could lose healthcare coverage.”

Republican Congressman Pete Sessions of Dallas says healthcare isn’t going away. “I believe we’ve got to get it done.”

Sessions met with some of President Trump’s closest advisors at the White House Friday and he says the President still has a chance to score a win on healthcare.

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“He’s just going to have to lead. He actually needs a good bit of debate and substance within the White House where his policy people bring him ideas and that’s what I want to be a part of.”

Sessions says he believes the President needs to focus on a tax reform plan that lowers taxes for every individual who pays taxes and business, a plan that he will take the lead on, not Congress. “I believe we should understand that Congress is less able to hit home runs and better able to score off singles and doubles. We need to do things that have been sold to the American people.”

Like Sessions, Republican Congressman Michael Burgess of Lewisville says he is also disappointed in Senate Republicans. “It was devastating last night the behavior of the Republican Senators on the floor of the Senate.”

Burgess says he remains confident they will pass a tax reform bill. “The fact of the matter remains that fundamental tax reform can and will still occur, it may not be quite as dramatic as it would have been with the Obamacare taxes being repealed.”

He says he hopes Congress will pass tax reform by Thanksgiving and make it retroactive to this past January.

Legvold says she hopes Republicans are calling their members of Congress. She wants results.

“I’m getting madder at them, the more they obstruct Trump, the madder I get.”

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