LONGWOOD, FLORIDA (CBSDFW) – A man arrived at his Florida home and found a sleeping black bear on his doorstep.

According to WKMG in Orlando, Warren Woodard went around to his garage and his wife told him there was something he needed to see.

She said, ‘Come here a minute,'” Woodard said. “(She said), ‘There’s a bear laying at the door asleep.”

Woodard didn’t believe her at first and had to see it for himself.

“Sure enough, he was laying there,” Woodard said. “(It) looked like he was asleep.”

The couple snapped a couple of photos and called the police.

However, when police arrived, they were afraid of getting near the bear.  Luckily, the bear then woke up and took off.

The Woodard’s believe the bear stopped at their home to seek shelter from the rain.